Cake Decorating with Chocolate

Cake-Decorating-with-ChocolateFirst up you need a slab of marble, stick it in the freezer for a good three or four hours to get it good and cold. Next, melt your chocolate which should be hot, but not boiling.

We put a little bit of chocolate over the marble. You scrap very quickly with chocolate, nice and even. You pick it up and very quickly shape the chocolate. This one is very simple that people can make.

Put it the refrigerator for 30 minutes then get out your cake. This idea is a perfect decoration, you can even put a little bit of cocoa is you like. You can place that over the cake and in a few seconds you can have a very small and easy decoration.

Cake Decorating with Chocolate Video

Next, these chocolate fans, great for decorating the sides of your cake. Apply white chocolate to a baking sheet and spread it thin. Apply the chocolate with a roller like a paint roller, to give it texture. Then put it in the refrigerator, you want it solid but soft enough to work with.

Check with your finger to see if the chocolate is pliable. Now take a fillet knife and carve your fans, it may take a little practice to perfect the shape. Once you have enough fans, place them on the side of the cake.

The fans can also be combined with each other to create beautiful chocolate flowers, much more impressive than your typical frosting was. Of course fans and flowers take practice.

If your looking for something a little more basic, take your marble surface again and pour on a slab of chocolate. Cut it into strips and roll. You can make a quick roll and a nice presentation. It is something you can make at home, it’s easy and you can decorate a cake with it.

There you have it, four different decorations using melted chocolate for cake that your guest will claim is magnificent.

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