Learn Cake Decorating with Fondant

learn-cake-decorating-with-fondantStart at the top of the cake when decorating with fondant. Lean it in slightly, and squeeze, then wrap it around itself and pull down. Make sure to have your tip straight up and down. You want to pull towards you for each petal. So you want to go one, two and three petals. And there you go. Six and seven petals and there you have your rose.

Any non pattern paper towel will work, I used the inside of this one. You want to set that on your cake and you can use your hand to smooth it. Or you can use a tool called a fondant smoother. And basically what your doing is ironing your cake. SO you just take small circular motions, don’t press too hard, we don’t want to press the icing around, we just want to make it smooth.

Cake Decorating with Fondant Video

I’m going to make a heart and a star. You want to put down a little powdered sugar and lightly coat the fondant with the sugar so it won’t be sticking. You can even coat the rolling pin with a little powdered sugar, and roll that out a bit.

I’m working on a piece of non stick baking paper so that it will be easy for me to lift and it won’t stick to the surface. I’ll let that dry.

Now I’ll make a yellow star. You do the same thing. Take a bit of the fondant. The fondant that is left over you can just add back to the same color. If it gets too dry you can just knead it with shortening or margarine and it will soften up.

You can use all kinds of cookie cutters to decorate cakes with this fondant. It is so easy to work with, it’s like working with modeling clay.

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