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This article covers how to share your screen on a conference call. With less face to face meetings now the norm, technology has made sure we can still get the visual interaction we need with video conferencing and enhance the productivity of meetings with screen sharing software.

Salespeople, managers, remote workers plus just about every other role that interacts and collaborates with people can use software to screen-share. The main positives for using this technology is it saves time and money used in travel to get to and from meeting venues, plus there’s the fact that travelling less is more environmentally friendly.

It wasn’t that long ago when a company would have many dedicated printers working non-stop, printing out reams of paper to share in meetings. Now with the use of tablets, and desktops sharing screens with other users so everyone can view the same screen wherever they may be residing at the time of the meeting has meant there’s no need for printouts.

The starting point for anyone keen on moving their meetings online is getting a service that provides the lot including dial-in toll-free web conferencing.

Sales Teams

A phone conversation or a video call with no visual support only gets you so far in sales meetings with customers. Visual presentation drives your message home with real-time screen sharing that puts the best features of your company on full display.

Remote Workers

Employing remote workers comes with plenty of benefits. It saves money for you and them and leads to greater productivity and satisfaction. Remote work also comes with plenty of challenges.

Not among the least is clarity in communication. Valuable information can be conveyed with confidence when you can share screens, so you and your remote workers are on the same page.

Employee Inductions

Human Resources (HR) have been quick on the uptake of using technology to do a lot of the face to face work that was a significant component of their role just a few years ago. Screen sharing is an integral part of the onboarding programs, as well as continuing employee training, and company health and safety requirements.


Teaching anyone anything when you are not physically present can be a real challenge. When you can share a visual representation of what you are teaching as you present the material, you ensure that your students are more engaged and able to retain new information at a higher capacity.

Legal Teams

Legal teams in commerce particularly can share documents, reports and research with whoever needs it irrespective of where they are located geographically. Speeding up the legal side of sales contracts, and supplier agreements are positives for companies needing fast turnarounds. Today customers expect speed in every aspect of their interaction with business and technology has made it viable to interact and produce the necessary legal documents for a sale or compliance to avoid time delays.


Screen sharing has not only improved meetings’ productivity; it’s the primary enabler for online learning. The online education and learning sectors are still growing in popularity globally, as technology enhancements provide more value to the end-user and the provider.

Software For Sharing in Real-Time

In order to share your screen in a conference call, you need to make sure you have software to support it. Some conferencing software does not have the capability, but Vast Conference is one full-service software that allows you to share your screen with the click of a button instantly.

What Can Be Shared

With the right conference-calling tools, you can share everything that shows up on your screen with your audience, in much the same way as if your computer is right in front of them, but they do not have the controls. Your recipients will see every keystroke and mouse click as if they are sitting next to you. You can use this to demonstrate software, share documents and PowerPoint presentations, and infographics, charts, and graphs.

Customize Sharing

With powerful sharing tools, you can allow others in your conference call to share their screens as well, giving you the flexibility you need to collaborate on a whole level. Great conference calling software will create a meeting environment where your whole team can contribute.

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