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Empresas automotrices transformadas por tecnología

There isn’t a single industry that doesn’t benefit from the advancement of technology. Just look at how technology is evolving business with artificial intelligence, VR, virtual systems and automation. Processes are more streamlined, less energy used, and business operations less time-consuming and manual.

The automotive industry is enjoying a lot of change, and with it improvements for the consumer and in production due to the disruption of technology. For example, the consumer now has more choice of vehicles and what they run on, i.e. hydrogen, electricity, or gas and in automotive production, technology has sped up the manufacture of and delivery of parts.

In this blog article, we look in more detail what technology is helping evolve the automotive industry.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Hands-free everything. More and more items that you use regularly are becoming hands-off, i.e. hands-free. Your next car is next on the list, that is, with automobiles, whether you’re getting a vehicle with novated car leasing, keen to consider self-driving cars, or just purchase a petroleum-fuelled vehicle, all use automation and some will also be using AI now and going forward.

For example, many new vehicles are fitted with laser rangefinders, GPS, sensors, and cameras to navigate entirely by themselves, so it won’t be long before you can drive on the highway, in rush hour, and in harsh weather conditions is assisted by this technology. The internal mapping becomes more intelligent over time, and the cars are then driven and updated by databases.

Self-driving cars will allow commuters time to work, catch up on phone calls, and other tasks as they do not have to pay attention to the roads. In a way, cars will become a hands-free mode of transportation, much like trains or buses but moving in a specific route – such as the one you’ve keyed into the navigation system.

Not only is it a more practical use of time, but it also makes driving much safer as there would be no room for human error which causes 94% of all auto-accidents.

3D Printing

Not a technology that first comes to mind when thinking of the automotive industry, but 3d printing has made a huge impact already. Components such as battery covers, bumpers, and interior consoles can be printed using various materials.

Being able to 3d print these items helps manufacturers save both time and money. Prototyping can also be performed much quicker, allowing companies to test out new ideas sooner.

Smart technology

It’s already in our homes and mobile devices. It should be no surprise that it’s becoming a staple in modern cars.

Smart technology combines voice activation, gestures, and touch screen capabilities to create the ultimate convenience. We can already see this in many vehicles, with Bluetooth phone calls, voice GPS, and similar features. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two of the pioneers for smart music. As this technology develops, we can expect more features that make driving integrated with our devices.

Supply chain management

Logistics and the supply chain are important components of a business, especially large scale operations. Trucks, trains, and other vehicles are commonly used to transport products.

With the help of data collection, automation, and software, fleet management is an emerging service for the automotive industry. They help businesses manage fleets of vehicles, fuelling, reports, and logistics decision making.


One of the biggest areas that technology is affecting the automotive industry is safety. One of the most obvious perks being parking assistance through cameras. Not only does this help prevent damage to cars, but it also keeps nearby people safe as they are in a better view. Advanced braking systems and traction control also help drivers remain safe on the road.

Driving plays a significant role in the daily lives of many people. As technology develops, both consumers and manufacturers will reap the benefits. Driving itself will become more automated, safety will improve, and convenient features will continue to be added. The production of vehicles has the potential to become increasingly faster and at a lower cost.

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