How to Make a Level Cake

how-to-make-a-level-cakeI’m here to show you three different ways to make a nice level cake. Let me show you a nice level cake. This cake is nice and level and that’s the way we want our cakes to look so that when we put them together they have a professional look to them.

The first tip is to make sure you fill up you pans properly. I have some cake batter here, a nice chocolate cake that I’ve mixed up. You want to fill up your pans half full. Now this will depend on your recipe. Some recipes will require that you fill them up fuller because they don’t rise as well.

Spread that around nice and easy in your pans. As you can see, both cake pans are half full and they’re nice and level. Now my next little tip for making your cakes nice and level like this, it’s nice and flat.

The second tip is to wrap it in a toweling strip. This is just from an old towel cut to fit the depth of the pan. Now I’ve taken this over to my sink and rang it out making sure it’s nice and wet. I wrap it around my pan. Then I bought a T pin. It’s called that because it’s shaped like a T. You can buy it at any department store that has fabrics and such. Then I take this and pin right through the layers of the toweling and now it’s ready to be baked.

If your cake comes out of the oven and it’s not nice and level, there’s one more trick I have to how you. As soon as it comes out of the oven, take a nice dry towel, lay it across a hot cake and gently press it to make a nice level cake.

How To Choose A Professional Cake Pan

professional-cake-panI’m here today to talk about picking a pan and how to make a more professional cake. Many of the pans in the stores look similar to this in the fact that the sides of them are slightly slanted. Even the round pans will have slightly slanted sides.

What you want to look for is a pan that has a very straight side. Because then, when your ready to stack, especially if your using a square pan, they’re are going to be nice and straight. Where as when you stack two of these together your going to have a slat here and her because the edge here is going to be slightly larger than this side.

The same thing with a round pan. It also help to have a solid, good thick pan. As with most products be sure to read user reviews and check the manufactures warranty. A quality professional cake pan can last you several years and endure hours of baking. I’m sure you don’t want to be disappointed in your purchase when in six months the pan starts to rust or breaks. If you find a high quality professional cake pan with good reviews and it’s expensive, search the web for sales or coupons to help bring the price down.


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